Delivery of Materials/Payment of Invoices

All materials and supplies should be delivered to the University Central Receiving Department (200 West Lake Street) unless otherwise authorized by Procurement Services. An original invoice should be sent to the University Accounts Payable Department (555 S. Howes St, 6003 Campus Delivery). Each invoice should reference the Purchase Order Number. A packing slip or similar document, referencing the PO or PCARD Cardholder delivery information should accompany the materials to Central Receiving. In the case of services rendered, the same invoicing procedure should be followed. The Purchase Order, Receiving and Invoice are matched in Accounts Payable and processed for payment. Normal University terms are Net 30 days. However, should discounts be offered, every effort is made to take advantage of them. All inquires concerning payment of invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable, (970) 491-7113.

As a reminder, vendors should NEVER deliver materials or perform services without an official University purchasing document and corresponding number. The University will not be liable for payment without the vendor first having this authorization.