Vendor Information

Colorado State University is an Institution of Higher Education in the State of Colorado and as such is governed by the Colorado State University Procurement Rules. The University has established a centralized Procurement and Contracting Services that is responsible for the procurement of all services and materials utilized by the University system. The University's fiscal year is July 1st through June 30th.

Included in this system are the main campus, the Judson Harper Foothills Research Campus at Fort Collins, Agricultural Experiment Station and its stations throughout Colorado, the Extension Service and its offices around the state, the Colorado State Forest Service and the numerous farm and livestock installations in the state.

As an agency of the State of Colorado, the University is exempt from all federal, state and local taxes. Federal Exemption Certificate number: A-138714. State Tax Number: 98-02381.

Insurance Requirements
Link to:Insurance Requirements - Opens a pdf file that defines insurance requirements for contractors.

Equipment and merchandise may be placed in a University Department for a short-term trial or demonstration after receiving approval from the proper Purchasing Agent. For demonstrations or display of product lines, again contact the appropriate Purchasing Agent who will advise you on the proper procedures to follow, and direct you to the University source responsible for arrangements. Risk insurance coverage on trial merchandise is solely the responsibility of the vendor. Leaving materials for evaluation in no way obligates the University.

All vendors are encouraged to visit Procurement Services and meet with the Purchasing Agent responsible for your specific product. Catalogs and brochures are welcome. Procurement Services can help determine which departments on campus may need them. Appointments may be made by calling (970) 491-5105. It is preferred that visits to Procurement Services, located on the 1st floor, 555 S. Howes St, be made between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. On street parking is available. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship

The University adheres to the State of Colorado directive on "Open Records" availability. Procurement Services, as purchasing representatives of the University, will not endorse or promote any products for sale to other than University users.