Kuali Tips and Info

Kuali Purchase Requisition and Shop Catalog Tips

By now many of you have tried Kuali and some have been successful.  We have noticed some common errors so we thought we would give you a reminder. 

Required Requisition Tabs

In order to be successful with a Kuali requisition, there are five required tabs and a sixth, if you are purchasing a piece of equipment that will be tagged.  We strongly suggest hitting the collapse all button in the upper right hand corner to start. 

The required tabs are;

  • Document Overview
  •  Delivery
  • Vendor
  •  Items
  • Notes and Attachments.

If you don’t collapse all, then you run a greater risk of missing the Vendor tab.


Office and Computer Related Supplies and Equipment

Lab Supplies and Equipment Vendors


New Vendor

If you can’t find your vendor in Kuali, STOP, X out of the requisition page, go to Main Menu, scroll down the page to Vendor, it’s in the middle column under Lookup and Maintenance.  If your vendor is not loaded there click on the Create New Vendor button in the upper right hand corner.  You click on this button to create your new vendor.  After Accounts Payable creates your new vendor, a notification will show up in your action list.   You can then go back to the requisition form and start anew.


We have also added three new scenarios to what we handed out during the hands on training.  Below are links to Excel files for all five scenarios;  

Updating Your Shipping Address in SciQuest

The first time you Shop Catalogs in Kuali you will need to update your profile and ship to address in SciQuest.  Please click on the link below for instructions.

Other Tips/Instructions