Sole Source Guidelines

A sole source justification represents a request from the end user for the Office of Procurement Services to waive the Bid Process DUE TO THE FACT(S) that a particular item possesses features that:

1) are critical to the project...these features (specifications) must be described and defended as to why they are critical and needed for the intended application.Vendors names need not be mentioned here,

2) no other manufacturer's product possesses these features (manufacturers must be mentioned by name), therefore, since these features are needed and can be documented as needed, it would be futile to Bid (Potential competition has been thoroughly surveyed, documented, and found deficient). Competition must be mentioned by name with deficiencies.

3) it must be stated, with explanation of how, that the brand and model of choice (state vendors name here) meets all of the specification requirements as described in #1.

4) price cannot be used to justify a sole source since a Bid would provide information on price. A sole source is a request to waive the Bid process due to unique specifications needed for the intended application. However, a price comparison can be included and strengthen a sole source AFTER the requirements in #'s 1, 2, and 3 have been fulfilled.

The above points must be elaborated on with a description of the need, how the features of a particular instrument (item) fit these needs (documentation) and a listing of possible competitors (State of Colorado requires three which includes the vendor of choice. If less than three an explanation is needed) and HOW THEIR SPECIFICATIONS ARE DEFICIENT FOR THE INTENDED APPLICATION. Thus, the salient points of a Sole Source Justification involve a LETTER discussing in detail the points outlined above.

The justification must also contain a conflict of interest statement stating that the end user has no conflict of interest in this purchase.

It is recommended that a draft of the sole source be composed in WORD, attached to an email and sent to the Purchasing Agent for review. In that manner time is saved and the PA can, if necessary, edit and/or suggest additions, deletions or modifications.

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