Sole Source

A sole source justification is an explanation and an attestation by the person signing the justification that it has been established that only the chosen item (product, equipment, service), because it has certain specifications that all other items lack, and these specifications are required to meet a stated need.   This conclusion must be supported in the justification with evidence that all other potentially competitive items have been investigated with due diligence; i.e. that the person who has specified the item has thoroughly investigated all the available, comparable items (products, equipment, services) and come to the conclusion, based upon known specifications of all the items investigated, that only the chosen item has the specifications which meet the need.  A sole source item, in the case of a brand name justification, may be biddable if the item is available from more than one supplier. 

Please note: The Purchasing Agent must electronically post any sole source justification on the State of Colorado “BIDS” System Intent to Sole Source webpage for a minimum of 3 business days, per rules.

Sole Source Guidelines

Sample Sole Source