Faculty Moving Expense

The University has awarded contracts to the following companies for moving of new and current employees. The employee should coordinate the move with his/her home department and contact all three companies at the local number given below to request a binding estimate or a not to exceed estimate for the move. Even if a new employee is moving to Fort Collins from out of state or international, all contact should be with the local agent. The local agent will coordinate obtaining the binding estimate or a not to exceed estimate and all other aspects of the move. This local coordination makes the process much more efficient for the person moving and the University.

Once binding estimates or not to exceed estimates have been obtained, the company providing the lowest estimate should be selected. If there are circumstances preventing use of the lowest estimate, i.e.: availability, delayed delivery time, etc., these should be documented along with an explanation as to why a certain mover was selected.

Departments can initiate a purchase requisition to the contracted companies listed below.

Direct questions to Ben Alpers at 491-5448 or ben.alpers@colostate.edu

The contracted moving companies are:
Mayflower Transit
Buehler Movers
(303) 336-9461
Ellen Leary

North American
Great Plains Moving and Storage
(800) 888-7311
(303) 333-8212 Ext. 1331
Peggy Fry

United Van Lines
Johnson Storage and Moving
(720) 220-5419
Libby Bland